About the Institute for Democracy 21

The Institute for Democracy 21 is an international organisation for applied research in the area of public choice, founded in 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic. We are a team of data analysts, political scientists and communication experts, working on alternative voting systems for consensual group decisions. We at the Institute join those progressive voices who warn that democracy in its current form is in crisis; from the rise of populism to low participation in elections.

Building on the work of mathematician and enterpreuner Karel Janecek, our research revolves around logic and algorithms. An algorithm is a sequence of steps that we take to solve a problem – such as deriving a common decision from a collection of preferences. We explore and design algorithms to enable voting processes that adapt to the complexity of the problem, allowing for multiple alternatives, and multiple ways to vote. For us, algorithms are also instruments that enable us to think critically about the digital methods of bringing communities together.

The Institute’s social mission is to empower citizens through stimulating political discussion, and to create digital tools for more inclusive democratic communities. We are particularly interested in making the voices of disenfranchised groups audible, such as youths below the voting age or migrant communities. The Institute is also pursuing global outreach activities that promote civic participation, with links to India, New York, Paris, Tunisia, and Zambia.

Our flagship project to day, is Prezident 21 (P21), a real-time online game, simulating the 2018 Czech presidential election. You can find out more about the game, and cast your own multi-vote, here.