About Prezident 21

Our flagship project to day, is Prezident 21 (P21), which is a real-time online game, simulating the 2018 Czech presidential election. The game follows the campaign and election period, showing how the presidential race would unfold under a different voting system, where citizens can easily nominate candidates and cast multiple votes. Our goal with P21 is twofold. We are looking to engage people in a discussion about the future president, and to illustrate how technology allows for a smart and consensus-driven way to choose leaders. P21 currently has over 200.000 registered users, and will continue to run until the end of the official election.

Why Multi-Vote?

A single-vote system can give an accurate answer as to what the overall consensus is, when the question concerns two alternatives. However, when a community needs to choose among multiple alternatives, one vote cannot deliver nuance, and therefore is not enough to express actual preferences. Prezident 21’s system of four-votes (3 positive and 1 negative) per person, translate this simple principle into practice; 4 votes allow us to say 4 times as much about our politics and point of view. The multi-vote expands the ways in which political views can be expressed through electoral behaviour.

Furthermore, a system of multiple votes provides better chances for a society to achieve consensus, and gives an advantage to candidates with whom the majority of society are truly satisfied or not strongly opposed. Traditional voting systems handicap moderate candidates, who end up competing for the same narrow ‘pool’ of voters. Democracy 21 voting system encourages meaningful instead of strategic voting, removing the incentives to vote for extremists and populists, and thus the risks of a polarised and fragmented electorate.

Find out more about the Prezident 21 game and cast your own multi-vote here: https://www.prezident21.cz