Project: Youth 21

This is the first research initiative that exclusively focuses on the pre-voters, Czech youth of age 15 to 18 to empirically test and measure the impact of multiple-vote vs. one-vote election options on the decision-making process and outcome of the election. The youth was chosen for this study since it represents a clean sample based on the rational that they have not developed biases against, strong views about, and preferences for a one-vote election model and hence will be more receptive of the new, multi-votes schemes.


Youth 21 will also examine pre-voters knowledge of and awareness about democracy and democratic processes in the Czech Republic as well as the sources and channels of information as the main influencers of pre-voters’ knowledge.

Youth 21 incorporates a deliberation component in its design to assess and compare effects of deliberation on the decision-making process and the outcome of both one-vote and multiple-vote elections. The latter will help to determine the deliberation channel preferences for pre-voters.


The results of the project will be used to develop a theoretical model for testing in other geo-political settings and to overall to guide the Institute’s team in further research.

The data generated from Youth 21 will lead to creation of tools and products to cater to the needs of youth in the citizenship-maturity process. The latter will capture utilization of existing channels for fostering interactive and inclusive communication with pre-voters as well as creation of new communication and interaction platforms for promotion of the multi-voting algorithm and education and fostering responsible future voters